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After Ellen.com: In the second episode of this season, you came out to your sister Amy.She asked whether there was a bi girl in the house, and you said it was you. Was she the first person in your family that you told? I think they are limiting, and until The Real World, I never had to put a label on my sexuality. My family is made up of all girls, minus my dad, and I told them before the show to be aware that I am very open about dating girls.This show takes on fun people to live their life in Las Vegas.

So what we watch isn’t exactly an accurate picture of who they really are, according to some of the cast members.Leonardo Di Caprio: Academy Award winner, environmentalist, humanitarian and... We're not trying to reduce such a multi-faceted human to just another guy who gets around, but it's no secret that the dude likes to party on yachts surrounded by hot chicks — and this list of who Di Caprio has allegedly dated is insane.Reunited: The Real World is a television show that takes you on the road to the lives of different men and women as they live different lifestyles all throughout Las Vegas.All of these people in their late twenties and try to discover different weird experiences as they live a crazy lifestyle all throughout Las Vegas.Discover how they party, where they party, and how they can easily get people to sleep with them right whenever they want.

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