Validating shortage annexes

It also prevents people from shifting BII on the first item inventoried, down to one of the last like items being inventoried (essentially pulling one over on the commander).Now I'm not here to argue over the preferred technique for conducting property layouts.Most repair stations surrendering certificates are doing so because they (1) sold the assets to someone else that did not want to amend the certificate, (2) have decided to go out of business or (3) have legitimate business reasons not to serve the aviation industry.To hold up a legitimate business decision without a direct and immediate aviation safety justification should not be acceptable to the agency, the industry or lawmakers.Their PBO is insisting that we have to create shortage annexes by serial numbered item; meaning if I have 48 MBITRs, I have to create 48 seperate shortage annexes.

It would like to work with the FAA to solve or resolve issues based upon facts and data, not feelings and fears.

To treat one type of certificate holder different than another – for example, an air carrier can unilaterally decide to surrender its certificate – is also unacceptable.

To have to demand action from Congress to get an executive branch agency to see the light is certainly not the preferred way of getting policy work done, but it can be a necessary step.

So I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, and my company is attached to SEAL Team 2.

Needless to say, they have rather "different" approach when it comes to property.

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