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ONLY when opening this new file do I get a message essentially stating: there are external links to this file. I said NO, and I now get the message: Warning: Automatic update of links has been disabled.I went into Data select Data source and found the 3 links are to 1: MSN Money Central Investor Stock dated 10-8-1999 2: MSN Money Central Investor Currency dated 3-22-2000 and 3: MSN Money Central Investor Major dated 2-20-2003 I have never used whatever MSM Money Central Investor is, and 2 of these file dates are more than a decade old.I have used earlier versions of a basic spreadsheet with earlier versions of Excel (2003, 2007).I resaved the most recent XL 2007 file under a new name when updating to Office 2010 RTM.' toggle forumlas on active sheet as active/ inactive ' by use of "$=" prefix Sub toggle_active_formulas() Dim current_calc_method As String initial_calc_method = Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Dim predominant As Integer Dim c As Range For Each c In Active Sheet. Value, 2) Then predominant = predominant - 1 End If Next c If predominant 0 Then For Each c In Active Sheet.

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I know that isn't a satisfying answer but its a reasonable work around.

I've discovered that when you link to another workbook in Excel, if you close the file and then attempt to move or copy it, the moved/copied workbook will have all of its links broken. However, if I copy Workbook1 and paste it directly onto the desktop and open it, Excel informs me that my link is broken.

To be clear, here is a simple example: There are two workbooks ("Workbook1.xlsx" and "Workbook2.xlsx") in a folder on the Desktop ("C:\Users\Brad\Desktop\Folder1\"). Now, cell A1 shows the formula as "='C:\Users\Brad\Desktop\[Workbook2.xlsx]Sheet1'! Apparently, even though the full path is spelled out in the original Workbook1, Excel is actually storing a relative path to Workbook2.

EDIT: I just found out that you can do this with VBA by copying the cell contents as text instead of a formula. Ctrl-v Haven't check in Excel, but this works in Libreoffice4: The whole thing of address rewriting comes during consecutive (a1) cut (a2) paste You need to interrupt the consecutiveness by putting something in-between: (b1) cut (b2) select some empty cells (more than 1) and drag(move) them (b3) paste Step (b2) is where the cell that is about to update itself stops the tracking.

I'd like to not have to do this though because I want to copy whole rows/columns at once. Note: If the paste operation back to Excel doesn't work correctly, chances are that you've used Excel's Text-to-Columns feature recently, and Excel is trying to be helpful by remembering how you last parsed your data.

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