Updating file properties dating sears guitars

If you change that property, the document is updated automatically.

The smarties among you might wonder at this point … There are at least two other ways to do the same thing; find & replace or bookmarks.

We’ll explain how document properties can be used beyond the narrow purposes that are usually explained.

The common document properties are set on the File | Info pane as you can see above.

These ‘advanced’ properties are just more inbuilt labels that aren’t on the main panes or dialog boxes.

However these ‘advanced properties’ can’t be easily added to documents nor changed within the document like the main properties can. The same dialog lets you add your own document properties.

In fact some of the supplied Header formats in Word use document properties (like Title) already.

Both places where you see ‘Flanders and Swann’ it’s actually a document property. Change the document property and the document changes.

In Word 2003 and before go to Insert | Field | Doc Property and choose the property you want to insert a field code.

Document properties let you replace text in places Word itself won’t go.

For example, the document Title property can show up in the Header or even as text in the document.

Any pair of text label and a property (Text, Date, Number or Yes/No) is possible.

To add a custom property, type the name/label into the Name field, choose a Type, enter a value and click Add.

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