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It's a turn based game with a feel similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle.

I haven't gotten very far in it, because it can be tough and I keep forgetting to save, so I dunno if there's romance options/sexy times, or if it's all just crushing monsters.

They also have the Keric's Komplex series, which is a few chapters of VN-ish flash games and are a lot longer than most of their other stuff.

The art is hit-and-miss though, some people absolutely hate it.

Solution (keywords) for Chat with Elita Click on the picture to play and click on "read more..." to play (the links in the game are dysfunctionals).

I realized that i have no solution for this pretty old game, so i made this solution for "Chat with Elita"* = wildcasenote: sometimes you have to retry to see the you dance?

You have to torrent it, and then you need to install the language pack, but it's worth it IMO.

Lots of great characters, amazing story arcs, and some pretty hot scenes too.

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