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Ozark also recommends enjoying the rich, dark brew with a piece of chocolate cake. And for more delicious drinks, try out The 20 Best Wines Under .Sacramento Established in 2011, this West Coast taproom got its name because of its proximity to the old Western Pacific railroad tracks that run near the Curtis Park area they call home.Juneau The lack of creativity in the name is made up for tenfold with the beer.ABC was founded in 1986 by a beer-enthused couple and now ships its icy brews to 18 states.

Birmingham Marketed as “Ales from the Heart of Dixie,” Good People has been the pride and joy of sweet home Alabama since 2008, which is right in the middle of the American beer-volution.The pride of their craft libations is the Cream Stout, a dessert craft beer worthy of the hall of fame.Containing notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel, Ozark suggests pairing this stout with ribs or BBQ, which you’re sure to find at a summer picnic, so brush up on the best practices for grilling cured meat before you partake.It’s easy drinking and has Californians all over abuzz.And for perfect pairing, try it with any of the 50 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger.

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