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Another example includes "The Chinese Restaurant" where George mentions having to leave in the middle of sex with his girlfriend because of flatulence.In "The Revenge", George quits his job out of frustration.He met Jerry Seinfeld in gym class, and they have been best friends ever since (although he was jealous of Jerry's summer camp friend 'Fragile' Frankie Merman whom he referred to as the 'Summer Me').He was also picked on in gym class by the gym teacher Mr.Alexander related in an interview that, early in the creation of the show, he once expressed having problems acting out a scene in the script, because he felt no one would ever behave in such a way.David replied to him that the exact situation had actually happened to him, and he had reacted in exactly the same way.He attempts to get it back, but after his boss degrades him in public he decides to "slip him a mickey" instead.

He manages to get the pilot back on track in "The Watch" by agreeing to take the smaller offer of ,000 (,000 each).He got a job parking cars in "The Alternate Side" but ends up causing accidents and traffic jams.He also got a job at Pendant Publishing in "The Red Dot", but gets fired for having sex with the cleaning woman on his desk.George also seemed to be a lot more fortunate in the beginning of the series, making an ,000 profit on a stock tip in "The Stock Tip".George had difficulty handling relationships with women though: for example, he left an angry message on his girlfriend Carol's answering machine and had to swap out the tape to make sure she didn't hear it in "The Phone Message".

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