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Add the vanilla and grated lemon rind, take the pan off the heat, and cool.

When it is cold, fold in the whipped cream, and put the cream rice mixture into a pretty serving dish or bowl.

There is enough lemon rind and vanilla in the recipe to make a real impact on the taste buds, and it is a winner with so very many people who try it.

A hefty dollop of vanilla-flavoured whipped cream on top would be my choice.Lemon cream rice with griottes Serves 62oz/55g round-grain pudding rice - no other type of rice will do 11/2 pints/850ml full-fat milk 3oz/85g caster sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, powdered, if possible finely grated rinds of 2 lemons (wash them well before grating) 1/2 pint/285ml double cream, whipped, but not too stiffly 1 pint/570ml griottes or griottines Put the rice, milk and sugar into a saucepan over moderate heat and stir as it cooks and the rice thickens and swells.Simmer it very gently for 30 minutes, or till each grain is soft.If you're using sponged-up powdered gelatine, this will take a little longer to dissolve.Cool the chocolate cream, then pour it into six glasses and leave to set.

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