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The organization is structured as a forum whereby members (activists and representatives of different women’s organizations) shape policies and organizational structure.

Together we implement projects for the advancement of women's equality and rights.

Ma’an offers Bedouin women vitally needed advocacy services and emotional support, which is freely available to Bedouin women in the Naqab who urgently need help regarding issues of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.

The vast majority of the women who call Ma’an’s Crisis Hotline suffer serious domestic violence.

Ma'an aspires to bring a lasting and significant social change to the Naqab region regarding the rights of Bedouin women and gender equality in general.Of the 200,000 Bedouins living in the Negev, half live in seven towns set up by the Israeli government, which are characterized by unemployment and neglect.The rest of the community is dispersed throughout 34 villages, struggling for recognition by the government and lacking basic infrastructure, such as running water, electricity, roads and access to health care and schools.The doctor asked about her nipple rings, saying he'd be really excited if his girlfriend had similar piercings, court documents say. Three days later, he called and asked his 25-year-old patient out for Valentine's Day.Court documents say it was the beginning of an illicit sexual relationship full of raunchy texts, sex, and 1,070 tablets of addictive painkillers.

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