Jael de pardo dating

From her early years, she began modeling and acting.

During her childhood, her parents knew their daughter’s interest and creative mind gave her photo to Ford Modeling Agency. Additionally, she has not revealed her ethnic background.

There were also some rumors that she is gay however, we should know that some people love to share this kind of rumor about celebrity and this time it's for the beautiful sexy Jael.

She also runs on her own blog where she posts travel and adventure related articles. She has done mountain trekking, scuba diving and other forms of adventures.

In California, she studied with many experts and best coaches in the field, to name a few, Susan Batson, Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti.

She became quite successful as a talented nice curves model and actress.

There is no information about other relationships that she might have been involved in previously.Her hot photo with a bikini can also be found on several websites.Jael De Pardo is currently believed to be in a relationship with Ben Hansen.Jael is a very beautiful lady standing 5 feet 8 inches (1.71 m) in height with a stunning pair of long and hot legs.Jael managed to mark her name among one of the biggest and brightest in the industry.

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