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Surprised the shit out of me, but also made me really glad to know that even within that more closed off group, there are still some who are open-minded.

Also kinda taught me a lesson that even as a Jew, apparently I can have some stereotypes about other Jews.

And keep in mind Christie is still dealing with the aftermath of the Bridgegate scandal.

Some have speculated that could have contributed to Pence taking over.

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Being Ultra Orthodox is what might have people concerned, though I've known people who are Ultra Orthodox Jews and who were very gay-friendly.Although Christie himself wasn't formally charged, two of his former allies were.Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni were found guilty in connection with lane closures on the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey and New York.A spokesperson for the Trump team suggested Trump's seriousness about "changing Washington" might "ruffle the delicate sensitivities" of some seasoned politicians.Once source told the outlet, "Everyone has the knives out for each other." But it's more than just Kushner and Christie not getting along.

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    Study hard, verify claims, think for yourself, question this, comment.

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