Dating a love shy man

However, in Gilmartin's opinion, the negative effects of love-shyness manifest themselves almost exclusively in heterosexual men. He studied 200 love-shy college students (aged 19-24), 100 older love-shy men (aged 35-50), and a comparison group of 200 "non-shy" college students.Gilmartin's non-shy men were not intended to represent the average male, and were recruited only if they were highly social.Love-shys tend to like music with emotional or escapist themes.

Also, many love-shy men have parents who forbade them from dating, and had trouble circumventing it; or they can convince themselves of such restrictions regardless of actually having permission to date.Gilmartin did not rule out the existence of female or homosexual love-shy people, but he doubted they would feel the same negative effects as heterosexual men, and suspected that the condition would manifest very differently in them.According to Gilmartin, people of all ages, all sexual orientations, and all genders can be love-shy.Also, many love-shy men have had their privacy over-invaded.Gilmartin noted that the 100 older love-shy men studied were experiencing well above average career instability.

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