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And in my own political work, I have been profoundly influenced by the lucid and brilliant works of Rothbard.In his first correspondence with me after I was elected to office, Rothbard expressed surprise and delight to find a real Congressman who wrote that "taxation is theft," and approvingly quoted his article, "Gold vs.Erstelle eine Website Mehr erfahren Nutze die Vorteile der größten Community von Online-Publizisten.Millionen Word warten schon darauf, dich zu finden. Wähle für deine Online-Präsenz die beliebteste Blog-Software des Webs.For Watergate, as politicians have been warning us ever since, destroyed the public's 'faith in government'—and it was high time, too."Rothbard rejoices, saying, "government itself has been largely desanctified in America.

Still, this broad—and healthy—cynicism does not translate into clear public understanding of the lies of the average politician.It is incredible how a politician can maintain an image while the facts clearly point in the opposite direction.Many still see President Reagan as a budget-cutter while he has proposed the largest budgets and deficits in our history.And intellectuals are notoriously stubborn about accepting new historical interpretations, especially if the revision favors free markets over government planning.It is a tough job to change historical interpretations—no matter how false—which have been solidified for generations in the minds of State-protecting partisans.

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