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If you guys google "Kim young kwang body shaming" you'll see what I'm talking about. The more famous he gets the more people will know about his true persona. like at this point i'd even be happy with a cf, music video, interview, anything. I've watched some of his previous dramas though I didnt take notice on Him coz I was focused o the main character.. i was sad why u cant get one best choice in KBS Awards 2016, ur drama was great.. I liked his acting in Pinocchio and Good Doctor, but he's a shallow person. It makes me angry that he could say anything like that so lightly. Watched White Christmas and his character really annoyed me because it was so believable. They will be very successful and it was great to see all seven in the same Drama. i'll study hard and get a good job so i can go to korea and meet youuuu!! If this guy could've kept his mouth shut and saved it for the television screen, I would probably think he was great. After reading about that snide comment I can't stand to see him in dramas. Watch "white Christmas" he and the seven guys are wonderful. It was June 1972 and they were having lunch in the small dining room of the Queen’s Club during the tournament that is the traditional warm-up to Wimbledon.

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Have been watching more than 3 times in this drama, enjoy very much.

Of course, for many people, the fairytale they had in mind was Beauty And The Beast.

Evert was America’s soft-spoken sweetheart, the prettiest girl on the court and the best behaved, battling every point with lady-like determination.

I've seen him in other dramas but his role in Sweet Stranger stood out the most! I believe it is your time to shine now, your hard work is being noticed, you were fabulous in Lookout (The Guardian) and I was upset you had to die, but it was daebak on-the-seat-thrilling to watch. I look forward to your next projects, thank you for your hard work.

..your work and everything about you...thank you so much. So happy to be a fan, I admire your passion, humility and determination , good luck, best wishes and continue to do great work.

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