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However, the metered connection option is only available when you are using Wi Fi or mobile data.Another way to disable the Windows 10 updates is to simply stop the Windows Updates service from running altogether.Should these be required you will find them in the Release Notes.Please always refer to the release notes for a version before attempting any update.Under “Choose how updates are installed,” select the “Notify to schedule restart” option from the drop-down menu.From this point onward, Windows 10 will notify you to schedule a restart to install the downloaded updates.Scroll down and turn on the metered connection option.From now on Windows won’t download the updates as long as the metered connection setting is active.

The above action will open the Windows 10 settings panel. Select “Windows Update” in the left pane, and then click on the “Advanced Options” link in the right pane.

There are a lot of changes in Windows 10, and automatic updates is one of them.

Along with the automatic updates, Windows 10 is also pre-configured to use your bandwidth to deliver updates, but you can easily disable it.

Patch Sets contain only the files that have changed between the immediate, previous version and the latest version, (ie.

a patch set for version 1.1.2 is valid for a 1.1.1 installation and nothing else).

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