Anthony rapp dating anyone

Recently, Aaron Harberts said to Digital Spy, that he is honored to know Anthony Rapp who plays the first openly gay character in Star Trek.

Obviously, Aaron is proud of Anthony for making positive change.

Rapp’s character, Lieutenant Paul Stamets, is in a relationship with Hugh Culber (played by Wilson Cruz) but the fact that the two characters are gay is not the focal point.

While he has never been shy about his sexual orientation, and Anthony Rapp’s boyfriend’s photos aren’t hard to come by on the actor’s social media accounts, at the same time we don’t know anything about the lucky guy Rapp is dating. Anthony Rapp’s boyfriend goes by the Instagram handle “teerakeni” and is often referred to as Ken.

It looks like the happy couple have been together for nearly two years, with their anniversary falling in early January as per a post on Anthony Rapp’s Instagram dated January 16.

I am so proud of him, that’s change in our world, in this moment. I’m honoured to know him.”“In the sense that [we’re showing] this is how people treat each other, this is how people respect each other, sexualisation isn’t happening on our television show.

In terms of what’s happening in Hollywood, that is not how our television show is run, and that comes from the top down.”Jason Issacs who is the co-star of Anthony Rapp in Star Trek: Discovery, also praises and encourages the bravery of Anthony Rapp.

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