Annals of internet dating

Another segment recounts the story of Kim, a Jersey girl whose online suitor concealed the fact that his English vocabulary consisted of a single word, “Hello.” Nevertheless, four days after Kim flew to visit him in Prague, they were married, and now their New Jersey household includes their four children.

Most of these online stories make a similar impression: that if deception is sustained long enough and convincingly enough to allow a sense of trust to take root, the deceived and deceiver (sometimes the same person) will overlook it.

The magic ingredient seems to be time: given enough time to form an attachment, apparently, all will be forgiven. I wish the film had included give-and-take between the protagonists.

Most of them seemed slightly amused and slightly amazed at the uncanny fact of their relationships.

Watching his SL romance with Beth/Nickel, whose own online self-portrait bears not the slightest resemblance to her real appearance, is slightly voyeuristic, like watching two psyches stripped bare to the id.Speaking in retrospect, they are comfortably philosophical about what it took to find the perfect match.The film poses implicit questions: is it okay to conceal or disguise one’s least attractive features in hope of finding deeper love? And in this brave new world, whatever can be coming next?If you are on Facebook (more than 500 million people are active users), you can visit the film’s page, where dozens of people have posted their own stories of online dating.“I met my partner in SL in 2009 and we are now living together in RL,” wrote one.

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